I'm J.Genevieve   ... artist first, intuitive...

I'm J.Genevieve

... artist first, intuitive photographer second, raw and emerging human-woman-and-then-some always. My soul gaze has always been drawn to the heart and true nature of things, in particular the disruptive beauty of the real of it; life unfolding in the moment, layers of creative process, the textured mystique of mundane moments, unfiltered emotion, dissenting bodies, wild forms & honest souls in their element. As a seer, I observe versus direct, instinctively merging social documentary and abstract aesthetics. This approach, which is highly intuitive and process oriented, shapes both my photographic work and ongoing exploration of other mediums. I create best within a space of being and believe that liberation from performative appearances is needed, now more than ever, within the visual conversation.



Beyond the purchase of art or content licensing

is the best way to engage and support this human and work. Subscriptions run on a sliding scale from $5 to $50 per month. Perks include quarterly art prints and art prompts, a virtual space held once quarterly to engage the practice of seeing in community, first priority access to newsletters, art shows and events, not to mention a behind the scenes look that isn't shared elsewhere at the growth and evolution of this artist.
     UNDERNEATH     IT     ALL    The lifetime...


The lifetime work of J.Genevieve is unearthing a creative ecosystem that offers support, access and equitable space for expansion. I'm so thrilled that you're here for it.


C'mon with it.

J.Genevieve | Artist & Intuitive Photographer

This is the virtual home of J.Genevieve, artist & intuitive photographer currently based in Central Texas and available for travel world wide.
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