S  H  A  P  E  S  H  F  T

We can not go on like this

We must gather the threads of our
Spin them into gold

And stitch what has been severed    
    Spirit to humanity    
    Humanity to spirit    
            and back again
                and again
                        and again  
                                            and again

Until we materialize
As mended forms

Altogether bound
      to true nature
relentlessly hemmed in
             to one another.
   SHAPESHFT  began at the end of 2019 as a marketing...

SHAPESHFT began at the end of 2019 as a marketing project, initiated in a moment of fear and necessity. In 2020, she began to shift. Deeply. Over the next four years, using conversations, intuitive photography, fabric, construction and design materials, SHAPESHFT surfaced March 9, 2024 at a private residence in Salado, TX.

She has been a process, guided by the feminine spirit, cultivated behind the scenes and well below the surface.

SHAPESHFT took form as ... a response. An invitation. A starting point as we all wonder as humanity "where in the actual fuck do we go from here?"

We find our humanity. We return home to our spirits. We mend what has been severed. Weaving together the fabric of our existence, we assume forms that are more true to our nature and, in doing so, find others who have done the same. We move together to channel better ways of being from our imagination into this physical realm.

A   L O O K   A T   T H E   P R O C E S S

   The process began with  intuitively approaching...

The process began with intuitively approaching multiple women+/femmes across the spectrum of lived experience, beliefs, held identities, etc. in Central Texas about involvement in the project. Out of those invites, 10 participants surfaced.
   I held  interview conversations , mostly over zoom...

I held interview conversations, mostly over zoom since it was mid pandemic at the onset of the project. From there I documented each individual in their chosen "real of it" - the rhythms, textures and routines of their every day life and work.
   The intention was to then complete a project with each...

The intention was to then complete a project with each participant and bring those projects together for the final show. However, in late September 2024, I moved this step to working on one project altogether - intuitively mending layer after layer of fabric together with gold thread
  The framework for the final piece was constructed from...

The framework for the final piece was constructed from rebar, floral hoops, wood, concrete and earth - 11 stands -  1 to represent each participant in the project. This ritualistic skeleton was arranged in a spiral with each stand raising 6" above the one before it and the mended fabric woven, hung, tied or draped around it. 2000+ images make up the collection of work for SHAPESHFT and were projected onto the fabric from four different locations producing a mesmerizing display. Viewers could view the sculpture from any point around it or within it. The fabric transformed the images and the images transformed the fabric as they danced along the surface.

S E E   S H A P E S H F T   I N   M O T I O N

      Emmy award winning journalist  Lindsay Liepman  was...

Emmy award winning journalist Lindsay Liepman was one of the participants in SHAPESHFT and featured the initial showing of the work on her local news station. Click the image to the left to view the piece! Below is a sample of the body of work - images, sculpture and the magic created when they come together. Tap on the arrows to scroll through.

S U P P O R T   S H A P E S H F T

Limited Edition   PRINTS   from SHAPESHFT are coming...
Limited Edition PRINTS from SHAPESHFT are coming soon. Sizes range from 8x12 - 20x30, are printed on delicious Hahnemühle Eco Paper. and stiched-signed by the artist in gold thread - Check back HERE.
 J.Genevieve, Lisa Pham and LaVale Reavis  monetarily...
J.Genevieve, Lisa Pham and LaVale Reavis monetarily supported the surfacing of SHAPESHFT. Ashley Voss-Liebig graciously donated the space of her home to house the work. And each participant made this beautiful body of work possible by opening up their lives to be seen - a priceless investment.

There are upgrades to this work such as interactive visuals, spoken word, more solid stand bases, etc. that will only be made possible with additional funding. If you'd like to support SHAPESHFT as a sponsor so that it can be fully realized and placed in a permanent home, please contact me at info@jgenevieve.com
Join   PATREON  . Subscriptions run on a sliding scale...
Join PATREON. Subscriptions run on a sliding scale and perks include behind the scenes/first to know looks at my work, quarterly intuitive art practices and collective visualization work to support collective liberation.

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